Thursday, 22 March 2012

DJ CELTERIC - LIVE SETS EVERY THURSDAY 7:30 CET >>> I stumbled across Celteric during a 4 hour mix with a friend at home. Pushing and loading hundreds of CDs, his set "Enter the Void" was mind bogglingly bouncy, fast, full on and pumping. After playing the set for 22 mins without mixing out, it occured to us that this guy was slick and very collected on the decks. Ever since I have been keeping a close eye on the man. Currently he is playing every thursday online on digital radio via If your keen to hear some new things ranging from Dark, to Prog, to Full On to Zen, check out his range of sets and mixes on soundcloud and also chuck him a like on Facebook

Back to Bach

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Zelda + Psy = My life complete

My two favourite things in life.

Bit behind the 8ball -2012

The 2011/2012 cross-over has been pretty quiet guys, aswell as getting a new job and doing uni I have been going to fewer and fewer events, as I've been busier and busier doing boring shit. None the less, I have just been re-trenched as a horticulturist and need a good ol' fashioned Katharthis. If you don't know what that means you should. Its integral to us humans in order to stay sane and connected with one another. Its a classical greek term translated to mean "To purge, to purify emotions".

 2,000 years ago the Greeks held an annual event at Ulysses in which they drank a sacred liquid known as Kyhiem which induced hallucinagenic visions. Some are said to have "changed" after seeing the world differently. So it seems the Golden Age was psychedellic too. ... All of that by the way is true and all of that is a direct quote from a VibeTribe song, Rearranged. We must go "crazy"every now and again in order to stay sane. It is the balance of the psychi. 

To make matters worse, this new job and unfufilling uni course over 2011/12 made Rainbow and Maitreya impossible to go to and I now have to focus on the next big thing. Regrowth maybe? or The Eclipse festival in Cairns? (Judged to be the biggest one this year!!) I will be back and in the thick of it now that I have my computah back (winrar!)

Michele Adamson - Meanwhile Back at the Disco

I was literally walking past the RMH when I saw a poster with Michele Adamson on it. Hungry to hear her voice again post Rainbow 2011 I rushed in to find tickets were a measly $20, and the crowd was small. Amazed, I quickly purchursed mana potions from nearby vendors and readied myself for something special. I was not disapointed. Her style, voice, stage presence and interaction with the crowd was incredible, she picked up from Tech-Aid who had some cut-outs but overall was pretty pumping. Her skills with voice modulation really stood out for me. She would pull and twist her own voice live with the mic and spin it back into your brain with orgasmic conseqences. Her entourage was also integral to her performance, as a winged golden angel swooped behind her to add amazing visual effect and demeanor. I was surprised by how little people knew of her but then impressed by the turn-out, purely for the music and vibe. The venue could of been arranged a little better, people were flushed outwards onto the walkway which may have hampered some peoples night (not me, I was right in front of the Witch all night!) All in all, an amazing performance which has cemented my respect and admiration for this girl who is obviously having a fucking blast doing what she does as she came off her set just about as drenched in psyjuice as me. Looking forward to her vast array of work and seeing her live as much as possible!

Strawberry Fields 2011 -

This is definatley a bit naughty. Besides the fact I arrived late to this festival (Saturday morning 3am) it was so raw and crazy I really can't think back to the chaos that was Strawberry Fields. First things first, me and my housemate decieded a week before hand that we were going to go through with this festival. And managed to scrap together enough funds, to have a comfortable weekend out in the bush. Boy did we get a surprise. Our plan months prior to the event (as crude as it sounds) was to experiance the ol' fashion sneak in. Plenty of doofers alike make the choice, usually due to lack of funds and nothing better to do. Whilst driving up to Shepperton, the blackend clouds swirled as night fell and we knew that sneaking all our precious cargo in (chairs, mini marquee, tables, lots of water!, swags and tents etc) would be disasterous. To further enhance the situation the festival was in a new location this year and our original 3hr trip turned into a 5hr one, we both knew that the drive tested our friendship enough, and the journey through the mud, river and bush at 3am just wasn't going to end well, so we decided to buy a ticket. Right? Wrong. We arrive at the gate, our sparkling Volvo XC90 packed to the rafters with surplus, faces eager and feet tapping to the earthy beat buzzing through the ground to notice no one there checking for tickets. We wait.. 5...10mins.. nothing. We drive slowly untill we see a person with a folder and headtorch pointing cars and people in various directions. After a quick re-assesment, the ticket collecter had seemed to already been partying and asked us to drive through to the campsite. No ticket required. ZOINK!

 With this we entered the camping area estatic but the feeling was quickly sapped from us as it took us 45 mins to find a spot. The camping facilities were fairly mediocre, too many dipping areas, trees, uncleared areas from rocks/fallen trees, the roads were in horrible conditions (espcially by the end) and they were too close to the campsites. All in all Strawberry fields was a swamp, I will say with confidance that the mosquito problem was solved this year, in a very unenvironmental way (Zey gassed zem!) but fuck it I didnt care one bit.

So this being the case we unpacked and hurried to the dancefloor. The range of music of this year was huge. But I dont say this as a good thing. Some other people might think this is good thing. But it isn't. If I wanted a range of music I would of gone to JB-HiFi and walked up and down the aisles for a weekend. I come to the bush to enjoy good four to the floor beats. Yes my friends, the dubstep/psystep/glitchop (whatever you wanna call it) wave as really turned into a tsunami and it flooded the australian rave scene. So the first 135+ BPM Artist to arrive on the stage came VERY late at around 5-6am. By this time, I was tired, peeved at the music and getting a little cold. Lucky I saved my mana potions for this and had a great time watching the sunrise and seeing some familar faces I couldn't see before. However come 8am I really had to get some shut eye and I decided to do this as Skrillex and The Presets were being mashed together into an awful amalgamation of sound and popularity. The next day I awoke and was mezmorized and catapulted into the fun side of things by 1200mics, Max Cooper, SQL and more. I spent all day on the main stage and retired late that evening with a little sun stroke.

The next day I converged with friends about the festival so far. The overall opinion was the the organisers of the festival had been severly overwhelmed by the popularity this year. The set times were 3 hours behind scedule, The toilets (the few they had) were absolutley filthy and the vending shops were a bit lack lustre. Also the populus of the festival was in excess of 5,000, which I doubt they would of expected. So hopefully now, that SBF has had a bit of a kick up the bum they can afford to pull out all the stops for this year!!

In the end I had a ballistic time, but then.. I always have a good time.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Dark Horse Approaches - Meteor Burn - Dark Psy.

About a month or two ago, I began to "hunt" for some quality unfound gems on YouTube. How I began my search started from a collection of tracklists from full-on and dark podcasts (mostly by Ajja or Boomshanka). Through hours of related videos, I kept running into this one artist over and over again. While I was amazed at the quality of this heavy, fast, wet but electronic dark psy with no more than 300 or more views averaging per song.  This artist was Meteor Burn, a duo act from Portugal that started after five years of soul searching in 2001 before in 2006/7 they began their new project "Meteor Burn Project". The quality of this dark psy is really different to the majority I've seen/heard ovcr the past 4 years. The tempo is a little up and the dynamics of their songs change at points so that you never really stop stomping and a times you feel you edgy (In a good way). The style is quite original, plenty of stretched, torn and spiraling dives coupled with a real evil drone like bass lines, this duo should be watched with both eyes for movement to some events over here in Australia.

You can check out Meteor Burn on Facebook and MySpace .